How to refer to the current cell of another repeating group?

Hi all. Help solve the problem, please. I have a repeating group A. In the cells of this repeating group there is a repeating group B, which has cell B1 B2 B3 … I need to specify a condition: when I do a search for, I need to display the data with the current cell of repeating group A. How do I refer to it? Thank you

Repeating Group A

Repeating group B

What I need

Hey :wave: @bluesun440

Hmm :thinking: That’s a good question. This is my first thought:

You can try putting a group inside the top repeating group and then try referencing that one. That normally does the trick.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Awesome idea, thank you. I’m a little bit upgraded it and putting input field with current cell value. Looks like it works. Thanks again!

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Awesome. Glad it worked. :raised_hands:

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