How to register a product in different categories?

Hello Everyone!

I’m a new Bubble user, and I’m creating a marketplace application, where users can register products in multiple categories, for example: Marc is going to sell a video game, he can register in the Fun, Entertainment, Games and Electronics categories. What is the best way to add all categories to the same product? So the product will be displayed in each category.

I tried to do it in some ways, such as placing five Dropdowns with the categories to choose (limit 5 categories to place) and in a Text field below with a summary showing the values ​​of each Dropdown, but I don’t know how to make it so that when registering recognize each value in that group as a list.

Please, if you can describe the best way to do this, I would be very grateful.

Thank you for your support!

Yes you can use a list of texts as categories. To select/display these categories you can install a bubble plugin called “multiselect dropdown”, so you can select multiple texts in the same dropdown menu. When saving this data you should use “set list” “your dropdown value”.

You can also dynamicly define these categories as texts inside a option set, so instead of getting static choices from your dropdown, you can set your drop down to recieve his data choices from your option set instead.

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Thank you very much for your reply!

In this case, let me show an image below representing what I intend to do for the user to select the categories when registering the product to sell, how would you recommend to do it? Where the selected subcategories become a list in the database.

Thank you again!

If your categories and subcategorias are static (only changeable through the editor) i suggest you set them as option sets. You are on the right track

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