How to remove "bubble io" name from the email notification

I need help to remove the name of “bubble io” from every email (everywhere) that clients and employees received when they do any action in the platform. Theres another way without use Sengrid?

I paid for a professional plan, I am not in a free plan. Why is so difficult do that?

If you are on your own domain as well, go to the Settings tab, then click Domain / email subtab. There should be two inputs, one for the sender name and the other for the email address.

Do we need to have sendgrid set up for this?
I want to remove the portion in <>

Check this documentation out:

I personally hate Sendgrid with a passion now and am using Postmark- Postmark is awesome

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Agreed. Also recommend postmark. Very easy and affordable

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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No problem! Let me know if you need help with setup using Postmark :blush:

Maybe another suitable solution is to set another reply to adress. Think this is possible without any external services.


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