How to reset Multi File Uploader 2.0 - Dropzone

Bought the Multi File Uploader 2.0 - Dropzone plugin and can’t find a way to reset the input. I’ve tried using “Reset Relevant Inputs” and “Reset Group/Popup,” but it doesn’t work (All inputs reset except UploaderArea A, which corresponds to the plugin component).

contact the plugin developer directly, as they would be the best person to assist and/or fix a bug in their plugin if it doesn’t have this feature working properly or it is not available…some of these plugins require the developer to add the workflow action to reset the plugin element

If someone encounters this issue, I’m sharing my solution here. This plugin uses Uppy to manage files and upload them to Amazon S3. To reset this component, you just need to run a JavaScript in the Bubble toolbox workflow of the component when files are successfully uploaded, using the following code:

// Reset Dropzone plugin
const button = document.querySelector('.uppy-StatusBar-actionBtn.uppy-StatusBar-actionBtn--done');;

With this, the plugin will be reset. Please remember that this code triggers the “Done” button when file uploads are completed. If you call the click event on the button while it’s not visible, the component won’t reset as it won’t find the button in the DOM.


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