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How to reset visual elements inside a repeating group when list is refreshed?

I have a repeating group with text and a button “ADD”.

Once the user clicks on the “ADD” button I make it invisible, as I don’t want the user to add that item again to what ever I am doing.

When I repopulate the repeating group with new text based on another criteria, I want to make the “ADD” button visible again.

How would this be accomplished?

Second question:

How would I copy the content of one cell text in repeating list to another field outside the repeating group? No matter what I try, such as display data it does not offer me any elements to copy the data to. It’s almost as if from the cell in which I have a button to copy the cell text to a field outside the repeating group, that this field is not available from inside the cell.


Content of repeating group:
“Trees” [ADD button]
“Dogs” [ADD button]
“Apples” [ADD button]

[field: Text resulting from the ADD button above]

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