How to run background workflow for X times


I have to check an API if there is something for me to import if so the API report and ID to import.

So I send the ID to the API again and than I get the results.
1 of the results is “Total” which contains the number of “row’s” that are available.
In Bubble I need to create a thing per “row”
so I need import row by row.
I have a Backend Workforce for the first item which collect all data correct (of the first row)
now I have to run this workflow for X times…
How can I organise that?

i=1 to Total
Run workflow i
Next i

Thanks a lot for your help!

Use the recursive feature. I jotted down some learnings in the past on this thread: Schedule API workflow on a list - does the list have a limit? - #23 by rico.trevisan