How to save data temporarily before user hits save/submit button

I am building a webapp the lets the user vote on certain questions. I need this to work on multiple devices simultaneously for the same user. could you please help me figure out how to save selections made by the user on that device only temporarily before the user hits submit. the same user may be selecting something else on another device at the same time.

Sounds like you would want to use Custom States. It allows you to store data on that specific page session, that you can then save in the database when the user presses Submit.

You can read more about it here

Or search the forums for different ways it can be used.

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We meet again. I little bit of trickery could do the job if I understand what you are wanting.

Consider creating a table for temporary values for users. “Bind” your input box to the field in the temporary table for that user. Then once the user presses a button use the content of that box and enter it into the real permanent table that holds the vote via a workflow. You might need several temporary fields depending on the number of questions. Clear the temporary value after the vote is casted for real.

Before the vote is casted, whatever the user types will be shown in all devices for that user.

Hope this helps.

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