How to save list of things to database

I need help saving a list of things to a database.
Here is my app:

When user clicks on the account name at the top it then populates the bottom group - works.

The user needs to check the checkboxes from a repeating group of storage vendors - works

The checkbox triggers a state change on the group accounts - not repeating group - works

But when I try to save the list of storage selected to the account’s “list_selected_storage” field it does not create a record. - using “Make changes to list of things” in the workflow.

Any help is appreciated !!

access to edit the app is open:

Hey @theblissfulwizard.

If I read this correctly, when a user ticks a check box, you’ll want to Make a change to the selected accounts item, and then you will add the currently selected item from the checkbox, to your list_selected_storage field. Conversely, when the checkbox is un-ticked, you will want to Make a change to the accounts item, and remove the un-selected item from the list_selected_storage field.

Hopefully, I’ve read you correctly!



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