How to save Time zone ID in a field in the database?

Hey guys; So I need to save the timezone ID as a field (print bellow).

The idea is quite simple. I want to display the hours from that place, formatting as the timezone from it using the dynamic choice, ignoring the user’s timezone, just like that print. But to have it dynamic, I need it to save in the database, right?

How do I get the Timezones as options for a dropdown for example, for the user to save it?

I’m quite stunned that Bubble dosn’t have a grip of timezones yet. Its not like they’re based on a country without the biggest amount of timezones in the whole freakin planet?

Am I seriously the only one trying to ignore the user’s browser timezone and enforce what the creator actually input it? I don’t want nothing automatically. I want to setup the hour and timezone and keep it static forever regardless of visitors (differently for every creator, since US has a bunch of timezones).

Just save the timezone ID as a text in the database. (note: you can’t access it from that dropdown, so you’ll need to create your own dropdown to let users select a timezone dynamically).

Just to speed up stuff.

Here you have CSV with all the timezones, offsets etc:

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