How to scroll user to the top? Any ideas

Hi guys,
How can I have a user scroll to the top when he clicks on a different tab?
Here’s my site -

Every time someone clicks on a different tab it loads the content at the bottom & the user would have to scroll to the top to view content

There’s an action for “Scroll To.” You specify an element and the page will scroll to that element. Simply choose an element at the top of the page!


Use toolbox plugin’s javascript action with the following for an instant scroll to top:

var javascriptpageid = document.getElementById("bubblepageid");


You can make the IDs whatever you want. Just make sure you place the bubble side ID into the ID area of your page’s edit window.

You can also use this if you’ve created a sub-scrolling area with css and want to scroll to the top of that. Just replace the page ID with the group’s ID.


You can also use the page name in the sroll to action.
It will take you right to the top.

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@andrewgassen @aj11 @di_lucena Thanks a lot guys for helping me with this. I used a field on the top as a header & used the option Scroll to element to do this.

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