How to see Saved User Data count from Dashboard


This is for a feature similar to blog writing. When a user writes a blog, the characters are counted and stored in the database. I want to view the total characters count of all users combined and view it in a dashboard interface. How do I do that?

Note: I stored the blog character count data of each user in the format:
Users - > character count (as numbers)

Hi there, @insalman360… I don’t know if you are saying you have a character count field on the User data type, but if you do, the expression Search for Users:each item's character count:sum should do the trick. Oh, and you will have to make sure any privacy rules you have on the User data type support the ability to search across users and view the character count field.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a ton @mikeloc it worked perfect.

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Happy to hear it worked for you. Just food for thought, but if I was doing what you described, I would likely have a character count field on the Blog data type, and I would store the character counts for each blog post in that field. You would still be able to get the sum in a manner similar to what I showed, but it just makes a lot more sense (to me, at least) to store the character counts that way instead of having a field on the User data type. Again, just food for thought.

Well, the exact purpose was not for a blog, but to put in a simple and understanding way I used the example as a blog. Glad you got it straight :+1:

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@mikeloc Any thoughts on counting the total number of users?

Sure… Search for Users:count.

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