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How to send id to postgres API or external API

I am using Bubble API connector to connect with API. Using repeating groups i am able to populate the data from API. However, When i click on line Item bubble is generating an ID which is different from the ID of records in data base, How do i make the workflow so that i can fetch results for the ID in the data base and ignore the ID generated by bubble.

In above eg Location record is 6 and id in database is 5, need to know how can i fetch details from database id

Currently i am passing ID from repeating groups as a URL parameter to Details page.

Hi Sachin,
I think the trick here would be to use the API connector as an Action (not Data) so that you can use workflow to populate the RG, and feed the output of the first API call into the second API call. Or something like this :slight_smile:

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