How To Set A 7$ Trial for 7-days inside of Bubble with Stripe?

Has anyone done this before?

Trying to have the user signup to a $7 trial for 7-days before automatically being charged the remaining balance for the monthly plan of $99.

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When doing trials I ended up controlling it completely on the Bubble side of things.

For example, you can do a charge for the user for $7 when they start the trial and then send a workflow to your backend APIs in bubble as a scheduled API.

  1. Charge the user right away $7 and set a scheduled workflow to “current date +7 days.” Send a parameter called User to that workflow and send current user.

  2. Step 1. (Conditional) In the workflow on the backend set the conditional to only if a specific field in the User data type is not canceled.

  3. Still step 1. (Action) In the same scheduled workflow you can set up a subscription for the user from the backend based on the user that you sent to the scheduled API workflow.

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That should work. I hope that helps!


Let’s split your question into two questions. The first would be on how to set a trial date, therefore you need to reference 7 days after signup. The easiest way would be to store that date in the database table of the User.

Second one would be on how to schedule the API Workflow to be triggered and only when the client is still on trial. You need to enable Back-end Workflows and scheduled API Workflows for that.

Both answers can be found on the forum and there are several ways of approaching this.

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Will this work though with the new SCA complaint checkout with Stripe?

It doesn’t allow me to save a card to the user’s profile it seems.

So how can I charge them today for the $7 and then use a scheduled workflow for 7 days to subscribe them to the plan?

Good question, I am not sure how that would work. Maybe try this graduated pricing in Stripe. This might work for what you are doing. Maybe you don’t need to do this in Bubble. See image:

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