How to show items in one list that are not in another?

I have 2 multidropdown groups - ‘requirements’ and ‘preferences’. They both pull from database items in a list. I would like for the options to be mutually exclusive. For example, when a user selects an item in the ‘requirements’ box, that same item cannot also be put into the ‘preferences’ box. And vice versa. Any ideas?


Hi @calicass83,

This is fairly easy IF the list is not too big (you’ll have to just test to see if it works for your data.) It uses the Advanced filter, which will slow things down on long lists. Give this a try though. What you do is filter the search results to only accept items which are not in the other list.

Here’s an example that pulls from a list of “randoms”:


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Ken Truesdale

This is perfect! Thanks [again]!

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