How to show result from ChatGPT to another page

Hello guys!
I’m learning the bubble.

I create my first app with OpenAI API.

Now I know from this lesson how to show result from chatgpt on current page with STATES:

My question: how to show result that API gpt give me on new page? How can I connect this 2 pages?

For example:

  1. I collect input text from page#1 and ask GPT.
  2. I show the result from chatgpt on page#2.

I need collect data from 1 page and give result from GPT on another page. How to do it? Please help :))

Save the result from page 1 to DB. Display that result on second page

thanks mate. I create new thing in database like that:

How to show the result on another page here?

Send the unique id of the record to a page parameter

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