How to show thousands of items in repeating group?

I am trying to show a list of items - total 5,000 in a repeating group with pagination, 10 rows per page, Fixed # of cells. Though no data shows in the repeating group. What is the proper way of doing this?

Can you share a screenshot of your setup? It’s really hard to help without seeing what you’ve currently got cooking. There could be any number of reasons why entries aren’t appearing.

These are my settings. Nothing shows up on the actual page.

This will be a dumb question, but do you Products in the database that have pictures attached to them?

Im trying to show product pictures and the product name. Its a database of products with name, price, title, description, etc.

Yeah, I get that. But, do you actually have Products in the database yet?

Yes, I have over 5,000 products.

Can you share a link to your editor, with the app set to “anyone can view?” From your images, it looks like it’s set up properly, but if it’s not working, that’s really strange.