How to sign user upp and add data to another data type?

Hello Bubble,

I’m currently trying to sign a Teacher up as a user with first name, last name, email, pass etc and all of that is working, then i want to add more info to a data to filed called “TeachersINFO” with info like their profession etc that i can display as a repeating group for the school administration. The platform is for students as well and they are also users but will be assigned “Student” role.

What im trying to exmplain:
→ Theacher Signs up → Adds additional information that i want to add to a different custom data type called “TeachersINFO”. Reason being i want to display that info to the school administration, students etc.

My question is how do i “make change to current thing (TeachersINFO)” and assign that registered information in the TeachersINFO to the teacher signing up (User) so i can keep track and so they can edit that information on their profile?

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If that’s the only reason for making a separate data type - I’d better play with data privacy rules (so students and school admins will be able to see only fields you allow).

So, you don’t make a change to an existing thing. You create a new thing of Data Type “TeachersINFO”. And then it depends on how you are going to connect TeachersINFO and Teacher data types. If your Teacher data type has a field TeachersINFO the process will be:

  1. create a teacher
  2. create a TeachersINFO
  3. make change to a thing (result of step #1), choose the field you created to maintain connection between data types = result of step #2
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Thank you! But can i display Teachers info in reating groups for other roles if its in the “User” field? i tought thas was only for personal account like “Current user…” lines?

Ahh that was why nothing was showing up, thank you! can i add the Teachers email in a email filed in the TeachersINFO and if email = email display the info on thier profile? or is that risky? how can i go about that part?

Bumping this, still no success to link the user to the information they submitted on the TeachersINFO :frowning_face:

So, let’s get back to your setup:

  1. You have 2 data types: Teacher and TeacherINFO. You have a “teacherInfo” (or whatever it is named) field in Teacher data type, this field has type TeacherINFO.
  2. During the signup process you save main info (name, surname, email and so on) in Teacher data type and also some external info into TeacherINFO data type [all steps are performed in actions within one workflow]

What and where do you want to show in Repeating Group?