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How to simply set a list of things?

This is the most frustrating unintuitive thing about Bubble. All I want to do is set A) the values of a list of Things to B) the values from another set of Things. Instead, it sets each value of B to the entirety of the A list.

Is there anyway to do this without using listshifter to iterate through one by one?

Hello @lorenzo1

Explore how recursive backend workflows work

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Thanks, good tutorial and I will give it a shot! Are the backend workflows local to each user, or global to all users? I.e. if users simultaneously trigger API workflows, will this cause the backend to queue up multiple jobs, interrupt jobs, or run parallel jobs?


Backend workflows are just that … server workflows. You pass parameters to them (database objects and/or other non-database values like texts, dates, numbers, files, etc)

If you pass a user or a list of users … each of these will be one of several parameters that are needed for the logic that you build the backend workflow for.

Thanks, I see, so they’re global and I would need some safeguards to say… throttle trigger rate if I expect a lot of visitors.

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