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Create list of thnings

I’m new using, Actually I want to create List of things instead of create a thing.
How can I do that ?
Please help me. It’s Really imprtant!

Plugins aside, you’ll need to use a backend workflow for this…

Depending on exactly how many things you need to create, and what kind of data they need to contain, you may want to run a backend workflow recursively (i.e. schedule itself to run over and over again until all the things are created), or you may be able to run a backend workflow directly on a list to create the things in question.

Of the two options the simpler way is to Schedule a backend workflow to run on a list, and should work fine as long as the list is are fairly small, and the amount of data is not huge (but it depends on what data you need to send to the backend workflow).

So set up a backend workflow to create a thing, and add the required parameters.

Then, on your page, run a workflow action to schedule that backend workflow on a list of things, define the list for it to run on, and set the parameter values accordingly.

Alternatively, if you find you need to run the backend workflow recursively, create the backend workflow that will create the thing, and then in the last action of the workflow schedule itself to run again.

Have a parameter (or parameters) on the workflow set to take a list (or lists), and run the workflow each time on a single item from that list, then send the new list (i.e. the previous list minus the current workflow’s item) to the workflow to run again, with a condition that will stop the workflow from running once all the things have been created.

I can recommend the List Popper plugin to help with this, and there are plenty of forum posts going into more detail about running recursive workflows, so have a search for more info.

In my case,
I have Data Type User and data type point (points and reason)
All I need is when click on a specific button. new entries will be created for all users!

In that case you can probably just run a backend workflow on a list of Users (if you have thousands of users then it might be too many and the workflow might timeout - in which case you’ll need to run a recursive workflow instead).

If you need to run the workflow on ALL your users you can do it as a bulk action directly in your app’s data tab - that way at least you’ll know if it has worked or not.

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