How To Sort Based On A Calculated Value On The Screen?

I don’t quite understand your issue from the description, but it sounds like you have Products (or something) that do not have a fixed price, but where the price comes from a database lookup? Is that correct?

And so, you probably have an element inside of a repeating group that displays this info, correct?

You need to get your values into a list. But, there’s actually no way to do that in vanilla Bubble

There’s so much thrashing about this (and really stupid solutions like certain plugins I will not mention here) in Bubble that I built a plugin for it.

(The reason people do absolutely stupid things with respect to lists and repeating groups and such is that the right tools don’t exist.)

There’s a new version that can help you do exactly what you need to do, BUT it will take some explaining and I’ve not yet created a good video overview of how you should handle this use case, but I may get to that this afternoon.

Check out List Shifter over here: