How To Sort By Booking Date Contained Within An "Itinerary"?

I have a list of bookings that I would like to sort by the soonest booking date.

A travel itinerary contains a list of tickets that have departure dates.

How do I search for a list of booked itineraries, and sort by the DATE of the 1st ticket booked within the itinerary?

I know we can sort by creation date/modified date, but how do you use an ‘advanced’ function or something to sort by the date of the soonest ticket booking inside of the list of complete itineraries regardless when that itinerary was created or modified??


Where do I go for advice on this?

I really need to understand if this can be accomplished.

I believe you can’t without working around your data model.

It’s part of their roadmap:

“Ability to sort / filter on sub-fields of things”

As an alternative you could maybe create a field in you itinerary thing that always keeps the first day of any ticket added to the list of tickets.

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