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How to sum several real changed dynamic score into 1 score (Sum)

Hey, Bubblers! I tried a lot of variants but I have no more ideas how to get this. So need help. :pray:

I have a checklist based on bubble checkboxes, they are divided into 3 classes – red, yellow, green.
Also, I have three text objects on the page, which are change values when any checkbox is checked or unchecked in real-time. It changes and works fine.

But the problem is how to save values of 3 dynamic text objects into 1 single common score text object and sum them all, and after that to place this value into the database (including 3 different scores based on the red, yellow, green classes)?

I tried custom states, but that doesn’t work. And only shows me the “0” value and doesn’t change when I check/uncheck checkboxes.

The format for Red / Yellow / Orange score is:
Checkbox Green 1 is checked:formatted as number + Checkbox Green 2 is checked:formatted as number + …

What should I do in that case?

Hi @iffzhuk ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you provide a screenshot?

From what I’m imagining this to look like: Maybe you can use workflows to create a new database entry when dynamic value box 1, 2, and 3 are ‘not empty’. And have a variable in your database that is the sum of the three values in the new entry.

Then make a workflow that creates a new entry any time dynamic value box 1, 2, or 3 is changed.

Let me know if you need a helping hand with this.

Just solved. It was faster to repeat all 40 checkboxes values on routine in the same way.

When working with custom states you have to set and/or change those values through workflows. You should be able to use the workflow trigger ‘when input element changes value’ and select the checkbox element.

I would also think you could create a repeating group for those 3 different classes (1 RG for each class) and put the checkbox into the RG cell, so you only have 3 checkbox elements on the page and would only need to setup 6 workflows…2 for each checkbox. One would be to add the value, the other would be to subtract the value. Need conditionals on them.

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