How to trigger event based on date change on calendar


I’m using the calendar to hold events and I’d like to be able to trigger an alert whenever someone drags an event to another day (changes the event date) but I can’t seem to get that working. I tried:

  1. When a calendar event is clicked but that didn’t work (I already have a working custom event on this too.
  2. When a calendar day is clicked but I think it’s not picking up because there’s a difference between clicking on the event and dragging vs. clicking on the day itself first
  3. When page is loaded/when calendar is visible
    All have the action to trigger a custom event (with same data type) that brings up the alert.

Any ideas? Thank you all.

Hello, i have worked with the calendar alot. and i have found it much easier, especially for what you are trying to do, to disable the dragging of events. and instead, change the date using a popup or something like that. If you are able to avoid dragging, i think that is your best option.

I cant think of any way of doing it while maintaining the event dragging without maybe some custom coding that someone with better knowledge can assist.

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Thanks for the tip. The dragging was a nice feature but I think you might be right on this one.

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For my main site I use the calendar is a company intranet site I made. Including all types of company forms, workorders etc. And over the years doing this (the site is 5 years old. moved it from wordpress to bubble 2 years ago) I have noticed the simpler things are for end users, the better lol. some people prefer a popup that says move date. they type in the date or use a calendar dropdown and press save. done. simple. hope it works out for you.

Yup, I have popups all over and wanted to switch it up for a change lol. But this is for an MVP and an internal tool so I’ll stick to a popup or something similar.

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