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How to update a Users Email via Data API (patch)

I’m using the Data API and we are currently integrating with a few other tools - all which is working perfectly.

However, for the use case where we have a user’s Unique_id and want to update the person’t email address (when an email does change, e.g. change of last name etc), then we can do this via the Bubble Backend directly… but I’m unable to update this via the Data API (Patch).
I believe it’s because the email field is actually not directly exposed but under Authentication. Has anyone found out how to approach this?

"authentication": {
        "email": {
            "email": "[email protected]",
            "email_confirmed": null

all other fields can easily be updated by Data API - Bubble Docs.

Also, trying to add the above format gives me an api error:

Really appreciate any hints or directions.

pretty sure they won’t let you update the user email via the api.

It may be possible using a Backend API and not Data API. You will need to provide the user password to be able to do that.

@Jici Yeah but that won’t work in batches

@nic1 can you just create a simple bubble page where the user can update their email? Do you have to be able to do it through the api? Maybe you can embed the change email page?