How to use API key

Dear Bubble Friends,

Hello. I am a new on this field.

I just started using last week. In order to understand how to use bubble, I watched some YouTube videos and imitated the way they make apps. However, when I put API key of Google map on HTML. It didn’t work. Do I need to do anything to API key before using?

The API key goes in your settings, not on an HTML element. After doing so, simply placing the map element on the page should get you up and running.

thank you lantzgold.

He put Iframe instead of using API key which he got. I don’t how to change API key to Iframe.

I don’t understand your reply. Can you share screenshots of where you’re having trouble?

sorry for that. I attached the picture.

I put API key in this HTML square, and it says this key is improper. A youtuber did something before putting API key. I share the link of the video I referred below. please see the moment at the 8:55.

Your API key goes where it says API_Key

I put API key on HTML which is put on group. I did the same way like he did on the video.