how to use api???

please teach me how to use it

coinmarketcap professional api ,i want to use it

how to display ,crypto currency logo

i cant understand api connector,tell me details

Raw response for the API
“status”: {
“timestamp”: “2018-09-07T10:35:06.813Z”,
“error_code”: 400,
“error_message”: ““value” must contain at least one of [id, symbol]”,
“elapsed”: 0,
“credit_count”: 0

this message appeared

You did not pass the “value” parameter with an acceptable value. Consult the documentation for your API.

yea ,thanks, i did it .

and i have a question,i set up id=1 ,

how to use all of id ??? i have to set up id=1,2,3,4,???manually???

Huh? Well, again the docs will tell you what to expect. The API you’re calling is not mine. I was simply pointing out that the error message was telling you exactly what you were doing wrong.

How else you use that API is up to you.

Ok thanks

I will try