How to use custom state with slider input value

Hi all,

I have a slider in a Repeating Group that has 14 rows and 1 column. In each row is a different tennis shot category. To the right of the tennis shot category is a slider. The user slides the handle of to a value between 0 and 10. When they finish doing this for all 14 rows, they click a “submit button” which will then update the values of all those categories in the database.

I am having problems trying to access the value of each slider. I had originally set all of this up using 2 checkboxes, one was the option to select “good” and the other was “bad” for the tennis shot category in that row. I used a custom state to access the checkboxes and then updated the database accordingly. I am assuming that I will need to use a custom state to do the same for the slider, and I left the custom state the exact same for the slider as it was for the checkboxes (the type was “Shot Type”) but I cannot figure out how in the world to access the value of the sliders.

Any response is appreciated!

Accessing states inside of repeating groups is troublesome. BDK has a plugin for grabbing values out of those but I think it’s focused on calculations.

one option is to auto-bind the slider to the “shots”. If your repeating group is a list of shots, say Current user’s—shots. Each “shot item” has a number value data field which is autobound to the slider. thus, item 1 would be shot 1 and you’d be updating that shot and so on.