How to Use: Path Segments as List

Hey what’s up. I have a social app that uses a repeating group to load posts, vertically like twitter.

When a user clicks on a post, it starts a go-to-page workflow with a parameter that sends the unique ID of the post into the page URL.

When the Unique ID of a specific post is in the page URL, the post takes on different attributes such as loading in all comments, along with bigger font size and stuff.

Anyways my issue is that when someone keeps scrolling, and clicks on a separate post, the comments of the first post collapse and it shrinks the page height, thus throwing the user around.

Instead of a single post within the parameter, I would like to have a list of posts, that way, the comments never shrink, and my go-to-page workflow can just keep adding posts to the url.

I think path segments is the way to do this, but I have no idea how to set it up. :slight_smile:

Hi there, @drixxon… I might be missing something, but it doesn’t sound like you are navigating to a new page when a post is selected (but rather you are just putting the post’s ID in the URL), so why not use a custom state (list) to hold the selected posts? Then, when a post’s ID is in the custom state, show the post’s comments and make the font bigger and stuff. Does that sound like it would work for you?


Since this is a mobile app, “go-to-page” allows for users to use their back button to go back without me actually navigating them to a new page.

I’ll explore placing everything within a custom state because priority number one is to fix the issue of collapsing comments throwing users around, but yeah, ideally, I’d want users to be able to hit their back button to remove the post from the list, thus collapsing the comments, especially if the post has a ridiculous number of comments on it.

FYI… as a result of this thread, @doug.burden just created a free plugin that if I understand it correctly, might help you out here. It certainly couldn’t hurt to check it out, eh?

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Give this a try