How to use release notes/commit message data?

I’d like to have a changelog in my app that displays the release notes I add when publishing live, similar to how the Bubble team posts everything here.

Any idea how I can access this as a data source, or any other ideas?


I believe you would be add those notes as you make the change. It would be a text field. Maybe create a data type called change log…have a text field that is description and a date field…then when you make a change, add it to the data base…then have a repeating group that displays that data type

I think this is internal in bubble
I’ve done a custom change log there

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Thanks @boston85719 and @stephane, appreciate the responses. I’m trying to avoid adding another “to do” when committing, so would prefer to not have to copy/paste or create another new record when the info I want to share is already being written in the release dialogue. Was hoping to kill two birds with one stone but doesn’t sound like it’s possible at this time. Thanks again!

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I think you guys are discussing something I’m unfamiliar with.

Does bubble provide a change log for us? How did you set up your custom change log in terms of getting the internal bubble information?

Or is

referencing the idea that Bubble Change Log is internally built by Bubble to release changes to their users?

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Bubble has a changelog here where they publish every little change they make to the bubble platform. I don’t want to access that specifically, but I’d like to do something similar for my own app, where every time I push a change my commit message is published where my users can see, so they have a record of all updates.

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Okay…based on some of the other comments on the thread, I began to believe Bubble somehow kept track of these changes in our apps in a ‘change log’ for our individual apps and we could somehow access it.

I don’t know how your release dialogue is structured, but it sounds like it is in your app as a data type…couldn’t you just utilize that and alter the way it is presented on the page?

When you push your app live you’re required to add a deployment message in the small modal window. This is not a datatype that I can access currently, but I’d like it to be!


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There’s no programmatic way to access that message. Build yourself a microblog and post to it after pushing your updates.

Here’s an example (I’ve not posted there this year as there haven’t been notable updates to this particular app… the point is that here are the basic features of such a thing… BTW, this situation isn’t that different from when plugin authors publish new updates… there’s no programmatic way to snag the deployment note and post it to the forum. You just suck it up and do what u need to do… welcome to web app development!):

@keith Thank you, that is pretty straightforward.

“suck it up and do what you need to do”

Isn’t the whole point of programming, in bubble or otherwise, to to avoid exactly that?

Build your whole app from plain HTML? Suck it up - that's web development, baby!

Jokes aside, I know what you mean, but in my early days would have found it discouraging.

I appreciate your help nonetheless!

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I love this thought, I was just wondering the same and seems like there still isn’t a way so I added it to the Bubble Ideaboard at

If you want this too you can upvote it by typing: Allow the use of deployment messages in the summary, then hit show more and upvote :blush:

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