How to use the Amazon API


I am very new to Bubble, I’m enjoying very much learning so far.
However I am stuck and would really appreciate your help to figure out how to move forward.

I am creating an App in which I’d like Amazon sellers to enter their Amazon credentials and get data retrieved from Amazon’s database: from what I’ve read, this is exactly what the free Amazon API developed by Bubble does, however I have tried and failed to use it.

I followed the instructions on the plugin page, registered my “app” (although it is a test app only for now) on Amazon and entered my Client ID and Client Key in the plugin, yet when trying to get data from external API’s, Amazon does not appear as one of the sources.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



@cohlar - welcome to Bubble. I believe the plugin you’re using only acts as a login service. In order to get the additional data points, you will want to set up API calls that GET the data for those specific things.

What you can do is build your own version of this plugin using Bubble’s API connector. (Not as difficult as it sounds. But for some initial guidance, you can look how the API connection is set up on the plugin’s code view or reach out to the plugin developer).

Following that, within the API connector, you’ll want to define the API calls. And to get them to show up as options in your application, you’ll need to hit the “Initialize Call” button, which launches a validation action of sorts.

The plugin developer, @romanmg, has a great intro course on APIs.


Great, thank you for your help, I’ll give it a try - this is exciting!

Congratulations on your progress.

I had a problem similar to this. Is the order of the paramaters an issue?

Hi there ,
I think you need to understand the concept of API from the very begining, below somthing helpful

Sign up as an Amazon associate. You have to submit an enrollment form online, providing information about the website on which you want to advertise Amazon products. If Amazon accepts your application, it will create a Web services account that enables you to use the Product Advertising API, as well as Amazon’s Data Feed and Product Advertising Content.
Contact the Product Advertising API to obtain advertising material for your site. Amazon provides you with an account identifier – a public/private key pair for encrypting your communications with Amazon – that you must use to connect your site with the API.
Choose the kind of links you want your site to host as an associate. Product links allow you to display a particular item on your site. Omakase links select products Amazon considers appropriate for your site, without any effort on your part. Product Previews provide added data, such as user reviews, to site visitors before they click through to Amazon. With Recommended Links , you describe the general range of products you want to market, and Amazon chooses links within that range.
Resubmit your Product Advertising requests if Amazon gives you an error message. Errors come in three categories: You’ve entered a technically incorrect request and must enter a correct version; your request was rejected for another reason; or the problem lies with Amazon’s inability to process the request. A 503 error in the latter category, for example, means you need to slow your request rate to one per second.

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Hi @kerolos.tyke,

Thanks for your detailed response. I went through it, but it seems to me that you are referring to Amazon’s affiliate program, where you can advertise Amazon products on your website and earn a fee for each sale made after a click through your website - is that correct?

Sorry if I was not clear, I am an Amazon seller and by default I have developer access to my own seller account, so I am not sure what applies for the affiliate program is also relevant for me - maybe it is and I just don’t know about it.

Please let me know if I got it wrong and if you think I need to go through the process you described as an Amazon seller.

Thanks for your help - any input to get through the HMAC key would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Larry , I am also a seller looking to access data of my seller account , would appreciate any hints or documentation you may have found, and will be there for you too, andshare anything that may be helpful as we progress ! Cheers, Sam

Hi Sam,

I am in the same case as you. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to successfully call the Amazon API :frowning:
If you ever manage to do it yourself, I’d love to learn how you did it, that’d really help me!


Hey, I’m not sure you guys are still looking for a solution, but if you are using amazon (MWS) merchant web services you need to recreate your calls in bubble’s API Plugin. You can see what the code should look like by using the scratchpad. - Marketplace Web Service

The only issue is that the XML that is returned doesn’t always map well with bubble’s API. So data doesn’t get initialized well when it’s nested XML lists and stuff like that.

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If you are looking to use the SP-API their new JSON based Seller Partner API then you may benefit from the AWS4 signing that is required to call amazon AWS.

FIY , Amazon got rid of the requirement to use AWS 4 signing for the Selling Partner API (SP-API)

This was updated in 2023