How to view order ID that bubble created


I am building a food ordering app for a waffle shop. This means my cart items include many customizable toppings, ice cream, etc.

I have a data type named “cart item” which has fields for these toppings, ice cream flavors, etc.

I then have a data type named “order” and I have made a field within this data type named “order cart” which is a list of cart items.
Screenshot 2024-01-29 002438

The “my cart page” has a repeating group which displays each cart item’s name, quantity, price, toppings, etc in the form of dynamic data.

I created a workflow to create a new order where the “order cart” field will equal the list of all the user’s cart items. This should mean a list of each items’ name, price, quantity, toppings, etc.

Now since this is a lot of information to put into one cell in my app’s database, bubble created a list of numeric codes. I’m assuming that each code includes all the information corresonding to that cart item such as name, price, quantity, toppings, etc.
Screenshot 2024-01-29 002240

So I think that if i can convert this list of codes back into text I should be able to have a list of all my cart items with their names, prices, quantities, toppings, etc included on my order. However I do not know how to turn this list of codes back into text display. When I googled one of these codes this was the search result.

I would like to create an integration using where when a new order is made all the cart items along with all their information are automatically posted inside a google sheet. How can I do this? Am I using the correct approach by having bubble create a list of numeric codes for each order or is their a better/easier way to do this? Is there a integration that can automatically extract this list of codes when a new order is placed, translate the codes back into displayable text, and post it into the correct columns within a google sheet?

I know this is a complex question but any advice is very welcome!

They are not encoded values, they are Database relationship references.

Your Order card field is a list of Carts. So each one of those ‘codes’ is a reference to a Cart in the database.
With that relationship you have access to all the data (text/numbers etc…) of the cart.
In the dynamic expression you’ll be able to ‘extract’ the data by using ‘This Order’order carts…’ From there you’ll have access to all the Carts’ information.

You might want to watch some videos on how databases /database relationships work.

Thank you for your help. I watched some videos and I understand now how each code refers to a row within the “cart” table database. but I still don’t know how I can send this data to a google sheet and how I can convert these codes back into readable text inside a google sheet row. Do you have any advice regarding that?

For example I want a new row to be created in google sheets for every cart item just like in the cart item database in my bubble app. but lets say a single order includes 5 cart items and thus five google sheet rows, all five rows still have to be related to the user which is a field in the order database table.