How to work with text element when we don't know the size of the text?

I’m building an application that has a news page inside it.

except that when placing the title text, subtitle and a description of the matter, the text stands out on top of the other elements. I tried to put the multiline-input but I don’t think it’s ideal because in multine it makes that scrow appear, getting ugly on the page. is there any way around this?

here is a print of how the application is:

The Group containing those Text elements, make it a Column layout, then make sure all your texts have “Fit width to content” unchecked, and the “Fit height to content” checked (all of this is assuming you are on the new responsive engine) Then make sure your minimum heights are 0 on each text element.

Then add some “Apply gap spacing between elements” 10px or so so they don’t touch each other with no maximum.

Make height of the element fit to content use the new bubble responsiveness it will be much more easier to built

thank you so much! it worked it!

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