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How to wrap around text in a text input

Hi - probably a really easy one this - how do I set an input or text box to display test with a wrap around style? I have looked through the styles section under the font area but can not find anything.



Do you mean “multi line input” ?

Well, I have a number of text input boxes that have the current value as the original content - then if I change it, it will update, but if it is fine then I don’t change it. I want it to display such that if the text currently held is longer than one line across the box, it will wrap around onto the next line, rather than not all be visible if the text box is too narrow.

Just extend the bottom of the text box? If you want more text to show, you should just be able to make the box bigger.

For “Input” it doesn’t wrap if you make the box deeper, only if you make it wider.

Change your input to “Multi Line Input” and it will do what you want I think.

Yes that worked, thanks