HOW? - Track User Behavior & Interactions Within Bubble App - HOW?

Hey guys,
Can I setup any workflow to track behaviour of a user. Like

  • What page he spends most time on?
  • How many times he accessed the site in a month/week? & more of such

I wanna track it within bubble & create an admin dashboard where it displays all such info in charts or such. Is this possible?

Any ideas?


We have a tutorial for this exact scenario at

But basically, every time your user logs in, you’ll want to note that current/date time in the database under the User data type.


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I wanna track every activity of the user. Would that be possible using bubble?
Will it end up piling up lot of junk in the database

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It would probably slow down it somewhat, but you could just make it automatically delete after like 12-24 hours after you checked the data.

Based on what I know about workflows, you could capture some things – logins, when a user visits a page, hits a button, perhaps more. Nothing is pre-built – you’d need to set up those worfklows, build the database structures to hold the data, and build web pages to view the data in a way that makes sense. Or as @deadpoetnsp noted, you could use an analytics tool. Whether it’s possible to natively build in Bubble (w/out writing any code) everything an analytics tool captures, I don’t know.

However, this brings up an interesting question that an expert may know… If you tracked user behavior within Bubble, you’d constantly be writing data to the database as users interact with the website. Is that faster/slower/same as using an external analytics platform that is getting the data via Bubble from APIs. Or, to put it another way, how does the speed compare of Bubble writing to its database vs. sending the data to an external database via API?

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