How verify if a "string" is in a list through a conditional

I have a table called menus

I have a table called licenses

and I have a field → menu_name (List of menuses)

I created a custom state on my item of menu like below:


So, how could I verify if this custom state is in a list of menuses?

Because this list can be more than one item like purchase, sell, stock…

Thanks in advance.

Or if you have another idea to restrict show menu item for specific groups, please help me…

You want to display a list of licenses in a repeating group and filter this list based on the menu field. So you need to use data source on the repeating group (expression: do search for licenses: filtered…) In the filter constrains you have to indicate the menu field and reference menu value (you might want to pick a menu from a dropdown menu - so you need to reference the dropdown’s value).

hi @shpak.serhiy

I need to know how could I show a menu for users.

In the following scenario:

A page has 3 menus

  • Sell
  • Purchase
  • Stock

Sell has a custom state called menu = sell (text)
Purchase has a custom state called menu = purchase (text)
and Stock has a custom state called menu = stock (text)

the user has a field called license where the name is “pro” and I add menu_name (purchase, sell)

I need to show for user only menus with (purchase and sell)

So the menus to show in this scenario are → sell and purchase. Not show stock for example.

Do you understand me?

Thanks in advance.

Then the datasource for the menu items on the page shall be the current user’s menu field.

Could you exemplify?

Thanks in advance.

You could send me in the DM the link to the editor of your app and make the app public. I could quickly add an example based on your data.

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@shpak.serhiy I was sent to you.

Thanks in advance.

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