How would I send a post request with bubbleapps?

I am trying to send a post request to this URL: serverip:port/api/kickplayer?id=1&reason=test

Nothing I have tried has worked so far.

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This is not a valid URL.

Yes it is. That is just the formatting for it.


Welcome to the bubble community. You can use the API connector to integrate with another application. You can learn more about the API connector here

Good luck!


As you said, it’s a complete URL :wink: . Can you share a little more, what you have tried until now? That’s the reason I said URL not valid. Some screenshots will help. Welcome to Bubble @brandonsc :slight_smile:

ps: Has I looked the URL, everything sounds to be fine. Have you tried with Postman?


Thanks for the reply!

Postman is working fine. I need to be able to send custom data in the post request. I tried api connector with post and it didn’t show up anywhere else to use that. I tried button workflows and everything else, and it still isn’t showing up.

@Matt4499 May be able to give you more information on this. He is helping me with the project.