Good day, everyone. Kindly criticize my design

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Center your elements for larger displays:

This has been rectified, kindly check back

To be fair, it is mostly Frames UI prebuilt components. There’s nothing wrong with that, I use it for projects to speed stuff up but it’s not really your design from scratch. Also I’m not really a UI designer so this is just ‘user feedback’ rather than ‘designer feedback’

These menu items feel like the arrows are for the label to the left - it’s unusual to have the chevron to the left of the label.

Not centered

Not rounded corners when the rest of your design uses rounded corners
White text on white image is hard to read

Not centered

Not rounded

Social proof should generally be put higher on the page rather than at the bottom

Thanks for your honest reviews, I will make ammendment

I got the inspiration online, then i recreated it

Please set a comprehensive subject for this thread.