Hubstaff API refresh token issue

Hi community,

Can anyone help me in making refresh token for the hub-staff and integration of it in

Post screenshot of your settings and link to API doc

@Jici ,

Here is the screenshot of the api connector.

Basically i want to create a refresh token of the hubstaff api and integrate in the so i don’t need to repeat my api authorization steps again after 90days.

You don’t use the custom token correctly. Probably you want to use a client_credentials grant type. Once it will be set, Bubble should refresh automatically if the API follow oAuth guideline.

But according to the documentation, this doesn’t have a client credentials token. Instead, they use a personnal token that is for refresh token. But once you get a new access token, you will also get a new refresh token.

So you need to use none/self-handled auth and manually process to the authentication. Store the refresh token in a DB thing with the expiration and set a backend WF to refresh it when the token expire again.


Would the settings be like the screenshot i have shared below

I don’t think it will work because the header should be Authorization: Basic apikey:apisecret base64 encoded
Also,you may need to add the content type header. The documentation is not well made however. So a little bit hard to know if they are using json, urlform or query string.

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