I can't edit my reusable elements, anyone else?

I’m in the editor, I click to dropdown to choose a page to edit, scroll down to a reusable and select. The designer loads a gray page. I can select different elements in the element tree, but nothing shows up. My other pages show fine. Anyone else having this issue?
I filed a bug report, but looks like they only work M-F 9-6.

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You need to choose the reusable element in a dropdown to select the page. That will open the editor of the reusable element. It is working fine for me,
Also, make sure that you are in the development branch for editing.

​ have the same problem, it doesn’t allow me to edit reusable elements

I submitted a bug report. I haven’t done anything different and it’s working now, so I will assume it was a bug that has been corrected.

I did have to refresh my browser from earlier today when it wasn’t working.

In my case it still doesn’t work.
Reusable elements that do not have the new responsiveness cannot be edited.

I have this issue as well. until I upgrade my reusable item to be responsive, I can’t see them in Design.

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