I get an error when i add trial to subscription on Stripe.js 2

Hi guys , please i need help,
I am trying to create a subscription with a trial and authenticate the payment with SCA, 3D popup.
but i get an error when i add the trial to subscription to the Start Payment Element, not fire, and i get error “stripe.js subscription - create error: client_secret of null,
I am using Stripe.js 2

its something i missing? Is the flow not correct? if you could give me a hand please :pray:

Thanks you in advice
Best Regards

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I get that too. However, the subscriptions is registered on the Stripe Dash.

If I in the expresson use +Months I get another error saying the date is not a UNIX timestamp.

Stripe doesn’t understand your date format, you have to convert it into a UNIX timestamp format witch look like this : https://www.unixtimestamp.com/

My advice is to convert your bubble date, into the UNIX with a plugin that you should find easily.

But the Stripe.JS plugin wants a date format.

Hi @Nocoderr - I had the same issue as you and fixed it by setting “Retrieve invoice?” to “no” within “Stripe.js - Subscription - Create”


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