I just found Phind an AI search engine for developers and its awesome!

Hey fam, you need to check out - https://www.phind.com/

It’s an AI-powered search engine made for devs.

It searches the internet related to your query and then guides you on how to go about your question.

For example: If you wanted to implement an API call using the API connector with a certain platform, it will search both Bubble and the platforms docs (even the forum) and then create the guide for you with code snippets and everything.

It’s real nice, defs go check it out.


Oh man this is awesome! It’s like having the web browser plugin enabled in ChatGPT.

Thank you very much! This post will save me alot of headache learning how to build plugins

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Yeh I’ve been using it for this. Defs still need to know how to prompt it get the best responses. It’s such a good interface though, really impressed.