I need a freelance for a webapp that rate cities

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a Bubble freelance to make a webapp/site.

The website is pretty simple, the main function is to rate cities that we are living in based on criterias like education, transports, infrastructures, security etc. These grades will help to establish ranks to show people the best cities arround. People can also submit comments on their cities.

Send me a PM for more information.


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Hi Nicolas,

I suggest you take a look at what these guys have made:

It’s not made on bubble, but it’s quite simillar to what you’re describing.

Kind Regards,

Hi @MindForApps,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the idea is there but for my project I don’t need that much informations on that many cities. I just want to limit the scope for just one country. The idea is to help people chose where they can settle in.

Is this type of webapp doable with bubble?

Yep, here’s an example: