I need a Freelancer with ninja design skills

Hello there Bubblers

Im looking for an above average bubble.is experienced designer. Someone that when I see the sites done by him/her I can say WOW.

I need to make an outstanding restyling of an already ongoing bubble app. But the design has to be amazing.

You will be asked to leave all the styles available for doing them myself in case we add other pages to the app (don’t worry, I will have other jobs for you after if you are that good)

In average, you would need to redesign

  • 26 pages (dont worry, they have to look the same, most of them have inputs and stuff like that) (they need to be responsive)
  • Resize and adapt up to 20 logos (just change sizes, existing logos)
  • Create SendGrid template accordingly to the site for the transactional emails.
  • Create / steal png icons to make “fit” some of them in the new restyling

It’s an ecommerce for insurance policies

Some spanish could be a plus. And remember that I’m an entrepreneur trying to get my MVP nice for accelerator’s processes. (not a rich company here)

Please feel free to send me a private message with your portfolio, and i will give you the url for more accurate budgeting from your side


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I will send you a private message :slight_smile:

Hi ,

I am a experienced developer and would be able to help you out on this…
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

Best Wishes,

Hi Martin,
Sent you PM.

Let me know if you still available, I have some project work as well

Hi! Of course, I will send you a private message now, aswell :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone,

Please, with your private messages provide your Portfolio and some resumé telling who you are / come from with which skills.

Se priorizará a quienes tengan conocimientos de español.

Hi Anna please let me know if you are still available for a project. We need 2 - 3 resources. Thank you!

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Thanks for your response.
Yes I’d be glad to assist you.
Please reach me on anna.cis23@gmail.com or skype:cis.am2 for further discussion.
Hoping for prompt response.
Best Regards,


We have a team of resources trained on bubble. Happy to take up Projects. I am at anil@techflux.co or anilamesur on skype.



Hello everyone! I still need this job done. If available, PM me!


Could you share your requirement at anil@techflux.co. Can help you out with it.