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I need some advice with Bubble Login

Im the head of product and engineering in a tech company ( small size, 50 people) and my idea is to run a
In labs I plan to run differents MVP to validate the value proposal before implementing this on production. We work with a big monolyte in RoR and any big change is a pain and weeks for development.

My main concern is how to link Bubble app users database to my users database.
I have some ideas and I like to have some confirmation by the community.
1.Develop a REST API in RoR. When people try to log in bubble app, I could fetch this email, user and password hash against a API Data and allow access
2. Develop an Oauth SSO login in the Ruby on rails monolite and try to use it at bubble.

  1. any idea?

This is critical for me as to be able to validate the MVP , UI/UX must be perfect with a total integration.


Both options will work on bubble.
I have not tried with SSO with RoR, hope some others will reply for your doubts.
If you are using external database for just authendication then you can use SSO. otherwise you need some other data related to user then use Rest API.

But SSO is best compared to Rest API.

Hi, @mani2726
Thanks for your support. i will try the easiest solution that it seems its REST API.
Besides, I can try to build a REST API with more features to grab data from RoR app.


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