I think the Bubble AI has some potential

Bubble AI is actually somewhat efficient

So I was using the site as a brand new user for a client, and I noticed that the new feature where Bubble asks you what you want to build, and it generates full-on guides that actually provide you a detailed explanation on what you’re building, and how your building it. This is freaking awesome. I won’t likely ever use it, but if this was something I had as a new Bubble user when I started, who knows where I’d be right now.

The realness

This is off a single prompt “How to build a multi-tenancy application”.

Each feature is separated into their individual guides and building blocks.

AI doesn’t make it for me, but guides me there

This is the best part about this system. All the AI applications you see these days do the work for you, with this AI, it guides you where you want to go.

Why is this powerful?

When spoon feeding people AI generated content without any type of “how or why”, is a terrible way of building applications on Bubble in my opinion. There is so much that has to go on behind the scenes to make your content work, and not know how it was made, or how it works is ideally how you spend wasted time trying to figure out what you pasted.

How does this solve it?

This will force users to learn the framework rather than always trying to utilize templates. The AI will guide them to build the app they want to build.

In summary

I believe Bubble’s approach is much more refreshing way of providing generated content rather than just having it “magically appear” for us. This is a much better approach for new users and to be quite fair, I’m kind of envious the get this feature and we didn’t when we first started! Hehe.


Interesting point of view!

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These AI “Guides” are putting Bubble on easy-mode for new people. It’s great. We’ll start seeing more people building the apps they want with less questions on the forum (not saying it’s not awesome, but there are a lot of simple a* questions that shouldn’t even make it to the input form of a post). This is a solution for that in my opinion.


I hope they didn’t do something similar to “AI Gen” in FlutterFlow. It was a negative experience and a complete waste of time.

Glad to see they are using it as a tool to flatten the learning curve of Bubble, something they have been struggling with for almost 5 years now.

It is nice to know that Bubble is not making an AI that is going to put developers out of business. Wish they had expressed publicly a bit more about how their system was going to work.

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100% agree’d!

I think from last 30 months I have heard “AI” more times than I heard my own name