I want users to trigger a API workflow via post request

Hi guys!
"As a user, I want to to use an API endpoint to trigger some workflows in the bubble app. And post data related to my user data "

I am exploring the possibility to give users access to my app via API endpoints so they can automatically trigger some workflows using zapier or direct Integration.
Logic: If some event happens on any users client side app, a workflow related to the user is triggered in my bubble app.
I am not sure how/if I can automatically create a token for each user or how an API Post request automatically linked to a user account.
Atm I create a token manually and let the user post his ID in the API call to link his request to the relevant data (his data). But I bet there’s a better way.

Can anyone guide me into the right direction?

You can create a backend API endpoint that can take the username, password, and log the user in, the step which logs the user in returns a token that you can pass back as the response of the API call.

They can use that token to make all the other calls to your endpoints which has the “endpoint requires authentication” box checkmarked.