I wish there was a plugin that allows me create Codepen or Js fiddle in less than 30 mins

Don’t you think having a plugin that allows the creation of something similar to codepen or Js fiddle will be beneficial. This will be a cool feature for people who have websites that offer tutorial on programming. Where your users cannot just write code but run the code and see results.

Such plugin would include the following features:

  1. Should run basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript just like codepen.
  2. Should support HTML Preprocessors such as pug, markdown e.t.c like Code pen.
  3. Should support CSS Preprocessors like Sass
  4. Should support JS Preprocessors like typescript
  5. Should include an editor with a flexible configuration.
  6. Should have the ability to preview the results of the written code.

Is this impossible on the bubble platform as a plugin, or is too expensive to implement or it’s not worth the time?.

Please what’s your opinion on this, don’t you think the availability of such a plugin could help a lot . Although with the possibility, I know such a plugin would be expensive.

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