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I would like to hire someone to build an app

The app is not very in depth and would not require very much time if it was being built by someone that knew what they were doing. I have some of it already built and functioning but I am running into problems in getting everything to function the way I want it to. So far everything I’m stuck on is something that I know can be done using bubble, I am just not very tech savvy in this regard.

my app would require:

1. A user profile “page” that contains a list of lists that were created by the current user.
2. the ability to search for other users profiles and view their created lists.

Thats basically the core functions of what I need, everything else would just be “bells and whistles”.

I am assuming (based on how far I’ve managed to get) that this app would only take 20-40 hours or less to build but I really don’t have any experience in this area so that may not be the case.

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Hello there! I can help you! I have made quite a number of apps for other clients, reach me on private inbox if you´re interested :slight_smile: