I would like to intergrate shopify/ plugin B2C Marketplace to a page of my website without redirecting visitors?

I got started with Bubble a few weeks back and have enjoyed building the less complicated parts of the website ie the home page, header, footer etc.

I have now reached an inpass at how to build a slick B2C (business to consumer) marketplace ie it is not a multisided marketplace, it is just my business selling to consumers.

I am not skilled enough to build this myself so would just like to see what you all would suggest

A) Integrate shopify or other similar - however - I do not want users to be redirected or feel like they are on a shopify store even

B) Hire a bubbler to build that section of the website for me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Josh, welcome to the world of no-code. Just so you know, once you get the hang of it, building the more complicated components is even more enjoyable!

I’m no e-commerce or shopify expert; however, if you don’t want a user redirected, the only integration option I can think of is an iframe, but that is fraught with issues and a bad UX.

Therefore, I’d recommend either:

  • Option B: hiring a Bubble developer to build your site, but note that finding a quality one isn’t so simple. Insist on thorough documentation so you can understand what’s happening under the hood and make adjustments as you need them.
  • Option C: Finding a good template and trying to adapt it to your needs. If you have the time to learn the in and outs of Bubble and don’t need to roll out a MVP of your site anytime soon, I’d consider this option. Do the proper research into the different templates, as customizing an inappropriate or poor template is harder than building it from scratch, but if you find a good one that fits your needs (and actually provides documentation on its WFs) then consider that option.
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Thanks for your advice & welcome - I think I am putting myself of the plug in for user experience (not to mention the fees!).

I think I will look into Option C - and give it a shot and can always fallback upon Option B.

If looking for a Bubble developer what would you suggest? Posting on the forum or external websites

Josh, I wish I knew how to find the right developer. (If you crack the code please let me know :pray:).

I’ll just emphasize what you probably know: the key is getting the setup and workflows done by someone who knows how to do so properly, a Bubble expert if you will. Once there’s a healthy foundation, you can more easily use non-experts for small updates and likely won’t blow up the whole thing (esp if reviewed/tested by a expert before being shipped).