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Idea - custom workflow

Would be awesome to have

  1. Pass two workflow parameters to a custom workflow
  2. Receive a return thing once a custom workflow ends.

These will allow us to fully unlock the power of custom workflows

I’ll think about it, we could use the same mechanism as API workflows, but if users start using 2 return data actions it can be messy. Right now you can create a thing and have the workflow modify that thing.

I was hoping we could pass 2 things instead of the currently 1 that can be passed on to a custom workflow. That would make it much more powerful and less complex structures for us bubblers. I am assuming it could be easier to implement.

The return actions can maybe be put off for a later time :slight_smile:

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I’ll put that on our list.

+1 with @gaurav. That would unlock a lot of possibilites !

  • use more Custom Workflow in Reusable elements throughout the app
  • use YES/NO condition so they are written once when using WF in cascade (the sacred & missing IF THEN ELSEELSE)

Since I’ve seen this (great!) idea, I noticed a lot of cases where this would make process more reliable. Right now I’ve often to play with Workflow’s data source + Reusable element’s data source.

@emmanuel any chance we can have this soon.

I can think of so many places where this would be so useful to build clear bubble applications while building my own app. E.g. a simple popup dialog (containing title, message, and ok button). We can pass the title and message if this feature were available. Instead we currently need to either build a database element containing these text fields and pass that data through a workflow; or build multiple types of popup in the editor.

+1 again
full support

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As I said, interesting idea and on the list, but we can’t commit on a timeline. Out have a pretty long list of things to do first.

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